On Saturday the 26th of May, we organized the first Arminius Murph Memorial at ReWind Strength & Conditioning.

Why a Memorial event?

Of course to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice, but also because, in my opinion, the awareness of the sacrifices Warriors are making on a daily basis and the effect it has on the families involved is much to low in today’s society. Especially in the Netherlands, we have a strong mentality not to speak up to much, because it is ‘not done’. And of course, it is good to be a very quiet professional, but one of the consequences is, that almost nobody knows what is going on in the shadows, to keep them safe.. Even in the Netherlands, yes.Those Warriors go to extreme lengths, to do their job, and sometimes this will create problems for the Operator or their family. That’s why we decided on a Memorial event to remember, but also to give attention to those still serving, and to raise money and awareness for the new DUTCH SPECIAL OPERATIONS CHARITY FUNDS

Robin Coenen, owner of Club Villamar

First donation was made by Robin Coenen, owner of Club Villamar. Himself a former Special Forces officer from our unit the Korps Commandotroepen.

Dennis Hardenbol, owner of TBM

Second donation was made by Dennis Hardenbol, owner of TBM

All proceeds

Went to the new foundation, in total we collected more than 5000 euros, a result of which we are very proud!

Thank you, friends and family for your incredible support
Child labour.. Thanks Battle Oats, love these bars!
Some words on awareness
Start of the first heat. Rack by Gorilla Grip
Hanno, one of the first guys to finish, well done mate!


Thanks to Mark from KillCliff Europe, we had some awesome guys and girls in the second heat! Thanks Mark and the KillCliff team for the recovery drinks!

Fit, Fitter, Fittest, start of the second heat

Gorilla Grip

Provided us with the rack, plates and extra plate carriers, thanks Mark for your support!

High quality
Thanks Mark


Thanks 5.11 Tactical, for your ongoing support. The 5.11 TacTec Plate Carrier is great!


At the end of the day we auctioned the wooden statue, kindly donated by Tac-Up, thanks Wilco, for your support!

Best auction master from Holland, Tom from Pendek!


Thank you Dutch Defence Press, for the incredible pictures!

Hope to see you all next year! Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to subscribe!



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