Tom and I visited Dutch Barbell Club in Kaatsheuvel(Holland) this week, we were invited by Joepie Thijssen the owner, to come and check his place out and do a workout together.

Joepie started DBC just over two years ago after leaving the Airmobile Brigade. First starting out doing Crossfit himself, he soon found out he wanted more and wanted something better, this is how DBC was born(in a nuttshell).

Next to his Army career and Crossfit, Joepie has a strong background in Rugby, which he played at the highest level for many years within the Army and civilian teams. A lot of the rugby mentality shines through in his approach to programming and the way he runs his business. And of course , having a myself a background(low-level) in rugby, I love that!

For our Dutch readers, from Joepie: “Dwaal jij doelloos rond in een fitness of andere sportschool? Mis je kwaliteit, begeleiding en persoonlijke aandacht? Dutch Barbell Club is de sportschool in Kaatsheuvel die de brug slaat tussen de onpersoonlijke fitness ketens en de voor veel mensen onbetaalbare personal trainers. Onze leden vormen de hartslag van onze sportschool. Wij stellen kwaliteit boven kwantiteit, werken vanuit mogelijkheden in plaats van beperkingen. Je traint altijd onder begeleiding van een gediplomeerde trainer. Loop gewoon eens binnen voor een bakkie koffie, je bent altijd welkom!”

Looking at this picture, I somehow feel a connection… 😉

Thanks for reading, make sure to check Dutch Barbell Club out, and subscribe to Arminius Tribe NOW!

Thanks Joepie, for having us. Awesome gym.



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