Heeee guys! Yessss, you have been waiting a long time for this. But we are critical dudes and wanted to present you with only the best merchandise available…..on the Planet! So, All Good Things are Worth Waiting For!

So, with pride, we present you with our high quality T-shirts, Arminius Tribe Official Coin (collectable!) and wristbands. True Arminius Tribe Members have been ordering like crazy, so don´t hesitate if you see something you like. ´It pays to be first´!

We unfortunately only ship to the Netherlands and the costs for shipping are not included. The model is 182 cm and weighs 88. He is wearing size Large.

Once you have your goodies, post a pic on your favourite Social Media and use the #arminiustribe or/and @arminius_tribe so we can find you!

Want to order? Throw us a message on Facebook or Instagram! (and follow us while you are at it)

Thanks for ordering! Show that you are a real Arminius Tribes Member! Ahouah!

Wristband Arminius Tribe Black: Always Prepared. (Glock not included)
Wristband Grey, Rune signs Strength, Honour, Courage, Mastery. (Glock not included)
Arminius Tribe Official Coin Front
Arminius Tribe Official Coin Back (or Front if you prefer ;-))
T shirt Desert Arminiustribe.com
Tshirt Green, Death From Above, Arminius Tribe
Tshirt, Arminius Tribe Always Prepared, Dark Green

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