Do you have a training goal? Is it only for yourself to get better, fitter, ready for the beach? Or do you train with some greater goal in mind?

Personally I train for:

  • Being Healthy
  • Being able to protect myself
  • Being able to protect my family and tribe
  • Being able to crush bad guys

In this training I will incorporate a small scenario. I like this way of training and back in the day we would always do a long training like this before the weekend. It would combine physical stuff, working under time-pressure and team work. In full CT-gear.

I had some technical issues(I deleted the intro and outro myself.. IT-expert)

Scenario is:

  • Take down threat(heavy bag), go full-out for 20 seconds
  • Man down/Child down, run 50 meters to save location
  • Dry fire

These three points are 1 round, total training is 4 rounds.


My son’s weight is 33 kilo, so picking him up like this is do-able. Picking up an adult will be very difficult like this. I would be dragging to safety.

Probably some of you will not agree with using your kid for this kind of training. I do agree you should be careful to what you expose you children to at a young age. Of course you can also use a heavy backpack or something else.

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