Good morning,

A big tire is a perfect object to do workouts with, flipping, hitting, dragging, pushing and jumping over it.. you get my point..

I got this tire from Sergio, he organizes the Fenix Games here in Spain, and the Crossfit event during the Arnold Classic Europe 2018. Make sure to check it out! It is held every year in September. If you are not bound to school holidays, September is the best month of the year to visit Spain by the way.. why? Well, the mass tourism has left, the weather is most of the time better than in August, the sea-water temperature is at its peak and the villa prices are getting lower.. So, why don´t you come and visit the Fenix Games, stay in a nice villa and train with us? Fighting-TCCC-Strength-Metcons-Endurance you can do it all here!

But now.. the workout of this week.. I am doing my workouts early now, the summer is a busy period, and I have less time on Saturdays, due to work.. of course I do still want to do my training.. So, GET AFTER IT like Jocko! (well almost..) Having problems getting motivated and need more Discipline? Read this article I did a while back.

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