Early 2018, I was at the first Dutch Breach Ops event organised by Tac-Up Tactical Upgrading I did full report on that day, you can read it here.

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Tac-Up was founded by Wilco and Joppe, both have extensive experience, working in Tier 1 Military Counter Terrorism and High Risk Operations-Police units. I have known Wilco since 1999 and worked with him on several deployments. He is a guy who will find a solution for every problem. He quickly saw that our breaching equipment, was not up to par with our demands and needs for the operations. That’s why he started improvising and fabricating tools for our CT-team. After his time in the Army he switched to a Police-HRO unit and quickly became known as the go to guy for difficult breaching and other MoE(Methods of Entry) solutions. After 8 years with the HRO-unit, Wilco combined forces with Joppe and his unique technical design skills. Together they formed Tac-Up Tactical Upgrading, which is now a thriving SOF-Veteran owned Family business.

Urgent Operational Requirement

A few years back, Special Security-Assignments Brigade from the Netherlands had a tire blowout on a B7 armored vehicle whilst driving at high-speed in a corner. Because of this, the vehicle tipped over on its side. OK, not really a big problem right? Well, it was, because the doors would not open anymore, all systems down..

2008 on the road to Basra we also had a run-flat blowout, it did not flip that time

And that is when the Urgent Operational Requirement arose. The unit was not prepared for this kind of accident. Luckily for the guys involved, they were not under attack. But how would they solve this problem? What if this was going to happen in the future. What would they do if everybody inside was knocked unconscious, the spare keys are not working and they are under attack? They needed a solution, and that’s when they turned to Tac-Up.


What are the Requirements

The solution must be:

  • Able to open an armored vehicle up to class B7
  • Quick to use, preferably under 60 seconds
  • As light as possible
  • Durable
  • Easy to store in a vehicle
  • Usable with a minimum amount of training

With that information the Tac-Up team went to work to find a solution to this problem.


Meet A.V.E.K-Armored-Vehicle-Extraction-Kit

A.V.E.K the solution

Tac-Up came up with this kit, to extract personnel after an IED strike, accident or electronic fault. It has been rigorously tested on armored vehicles up to class B7, and it has been operationally proven to get access within 60 seconds.



  • 2 special drill bits(designed in-house)
  • 2 collapsible pulling hooks
  • 1 high power 36V accu drill
  • 5 meter towing belt
  • 2 transparent drill markers
  • Instruction card
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • Transport case
  • 37 x 35 x 17.5 cm
  • 16.5 Kg(36,3 Lbs)



At the Breach Ops event, we had a BMW B7 to test on, this is a short clip that shows the time spend opening the vehicle. In this case the drill bit had been used already a few time on other demonstrations, so it did take a few seconds more to drill through the laminated car glass.



In my opinion a very handy kit, that is easy to use without any prior training. A must have in any operation involving armored vehicles.

For any further information on this product or any other difficult to solve problems that you need help with, please contact Tac-Up Tactical Upgrading.

Original article published on Spotter Up, make sure to check them out!

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