The first annual Breach-Ops in the Netherlands was hosted by Tac-Up. It was a success, to say the least.


2003 Iraq, Improvising a distraction charge

Tac-Up was founded by Wilco and Joppe, both have extensive experience, working in Tier 1 Military Counter Terrorism and High Risk Operations-Police units. I have known Wilco since 1999 and worked with him on several deployments. He is a guy who will find a solution for every problem. He quickly saw that our breaching equipment, was not up to par with our demands and needs for the operations. That’s why he started improvising and fabricating tools for our CT-team. After his time in the Army he switched to a Police-HRO unit and quickly became known as the go to guy for difficult breaching and other MoE(Methods of Entry) solutions. After 8 years with the HRO-unit, Wilco combined forces with Joppe and his unique technical design skills. Together they formed Tac-Up Tactical Upgrading, which is now a thriving SOF-Veteran owned Family business.


All mayor European HRO/CT units were represented at this first event hosted by Tac-Up. Due to OPSEC reasons, I can not list the units and all the companies who were present that day, but I will give you a global picture of the things we got to see and test ourselves.


Manual Breaching

The core of your breaching capability, Tac-Up has examined the basic manual tools and improved them. All resulting in a product line that excels in functionality, ergonomics and are of course made with the highest quality materials.

Basic tools, but redesigned and made with the highest quality materials

Mechanical Breaching

These mechanical breaching tools are some of the most versatile tools in breaching capabilities. This is why they are often, the first choice in current operations. Tac-Up has developed a first class line of fuel-driven and electric-powered tools.

Grinder FD

These are just a few of the options Tac-Up offers in the mechanical line-up.


Hydraulic Breaching

For this line, Tac-Up teamed-up with Holmatro Special Tactics Equipment, Holmatro is of course well-known for their first class rescue tools, which are widely used by fire-departments and rescue units around the world. Their Special Tactics Equipment is less known, but has the same high standards as their normal line, and is designed by operators, who know what is needed, to get the job done. Holmatro is constantly upgrading their products to the newest demands, through feedback of the community.

Spreading, cutting and squeezing in one tool. Hand-operated one(lowest) was developed for the USAF Pararescuemen

The hydraulic line as well as the mechanical line, have a lot more products to offer. I will be doing a more in-depth review on some special products in the near future.


Thermal Breaching

To achieve optimal breaching capability, thermal cutting tools are a must-have. Tac-Up works exclusively with Clucas-MoE. Clucas is the leading authority in thermal breaching, with a unique product line.


Special Medics

In Holland we have a saying, that an incident is always ‘lurking’ around the corner.. so some extra training and awareness , is always welcomed. Special Medics is owned and operated by Arjen, who is also from our old unit. He has been in this business for many years, and works exclusively with the best products, that are proven on the battlefield. It is unbelievable to hear, that there are still a lot of misconceptions about the use of tourniquets, especially in the civilian-medical community.


Great demo on how to do a correct wound-packing



Next to the kit-layout, every product was shown on how to use, what it is best suited for, and most important of all, we got to test it out ourselves. The day was concluded with a big boom and some really great Dutch ‘Bitterballen’


Your business?

Are you a MoE specialist and looking for a solution to an extreme problem? Make sure to contact Wilco at their team and network of quiet professionals will provide you with a solution… 100%.

I would like to thank Joppe, Wilco and his family for inviting me. A great example of a SOF, Veteran owned Family business, who will deliver.

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