Did you ever have a dream, decided to make that dream a goal, took action, but failed to reach that goal? I have, and I did not realize why, until quite recently, I started noticing something else.

Achieving goals

After many years of not taking care of being in shape and my personal health in general, I finally started to come closer and closer towards what I had set out to become. I started thinking about this, and what had changed? Because I have had this ´dream´ already for many years, and somehow never reached it.

Dream vs Goal

And that’s the first obstacle. You can dream all you want(and I think you must dream BIG), but by just dreaming about it, you will never reach that desired end-state, you will have to make it in to a real goal.

And with a real goal, come real actions to reach that goal.

Was that the problem I had all those years? Not making the dream in to a real goal with real actions? No, it was not, I made goals, took action, went to the gym for a few months… but you have guessed it already… I did not make it. Up and down I went, training for a few months, not doing anything for a few months. Try something new, a different sport, that will make a difference.. nope, no success.



But how then, you ask? Well for me the big change came when I stopped drinking alcohol, completely. Not one beer or one glass of wine, nothing.

Yes, it is me

It started with Robin saying: ´why don´t you try not drinking anything for a month, see how it feels´, 30 days not drinking, I thought, I can do that. And I could, it turned out. Already after two weeks I was feeling so good, that I decided to quit alcohol completely.

Most of you must have heard that breaking a routine or habit will take ´just´ 30 days.. well.. If you drink for twenty years, you have been doing some serious programming in your brain(and killing it) and you have created a lot of patterns in your daily life to accommodate this habit, be it drinking, smoking, medication, or drugs.

So, as you can imagine, it did take me some time to get it out of my programming. But now, after 2.5 years I can confirm it has left my system 🙂

I started going from training one time, to two times, three times and now 6 days per week. I had no reasons not to go to the gym anymore, just a few months before I had plenty and the occasional hangover. I had not realized how much it had been controlling my life and health. Looking back now.. yeah.


The quality of achieving a level of performance

which does not vary greatly in quality over time



Consistency is key

As I said, now I started reaching my goals, not just getting back in shape, but in other areas too. What was happening? And then after analyzing the last 2 years, it hit me: CONSISTENCY! I was now taking consistent action in order to reach my goals.

You must have some examples yourself, where you had a plan to reach a goal, started of full speed, but after a few weeks you have seem to forgotten all about that daily action you were sure to take.. don´t you?

Well, I have had plenty. So what can you do about it? Looking back on the last 2.5 years, I noticed some important points that made sure I stayed on track.


Stay on Track

1. Tribe. It started with the no more drinking, of course I had to do it, but having the support from a brother and a watchful eye looking over my shoulder helped a lot. Communicate daily.

2. Routine. Breaking a habit can be difficult, and it will take more than 30 days. But building a new routine goes much faster, so take advantage and build a routine around your goal.

3. Write. I write my goals down every morning and every evening. Also I make an action list in the evening with points for the next day I have to do, to get 1 step closer to reaching my desired end-state of one of those goals.

4. Step. Take one step towards your goal every day, no matter how small this step is, if you take one step forward every day, you will reach that goal.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step


Have I gotten your attention? Would you like to find out more? Read this book by Weldon Long, ´The Power of Consistency´. In this book he tells his own incredible story from being a convict, spending almost 20 years behind bars, to being a good father and having a very successful company. One of the best books I have read lately. Although it says, ´for sales and business..´ all of it can be applied straight to your life.

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Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, or need more tips, email me at: arminiustribe@gmail.com I will respond.


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