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Why do we have Discipline to do something or anything and how do we get more?

“Why? Over and over and over again, I am asked: Why? What drives me. When I was younger I was preparing for war. I knew that somewhere out there, another man was also preparing. That man was the enemy. He was working, training, planning and preparing to meet me on the battlefield. I didn’t know when, I didn’t know where. But I knew that at some point: we would meet. And I wanted to be ready, Ready Mentally, Ready physically, Ready Emotionally” (by Jocko Willink)

And what Jocko is saying in these lines above from his book Discipline Equals Freedom, Field Manual, sums it up very good for me. The only thing is, I am not preparing for war anymore, that was back in the day.. so, did my ‘why’ change? Well, only for whom I am doing it, actually. The enemy doesn’t change much, assholes in general. But now my family and tribe are most important, so I am doing it for them. This is my drive, I do not want to let them down, NEVER.


Where does it come from? Well, as you can imagine, by reading the previous paragraph, it comes from within. It is like a fire inside of you. I used to think I had very low discipline and the only reason I did stuff, was because the instructor told me so. Why did I think this? After years in the Special Forces, I was not paying so much attention on how I was doing, especially in the psychical department I could not care much, I told myself after I left government employment that I was never ever going to run again 🙂 really, I did. And the years that followed I always told myself I did not have enough self-discipline.

Turning point
Spartan Super Andorra
Yes, that’s me trying not to die, being dragged by Robin

This was my turning point, at 40 years old, 15 kilo overweight and drinking too much. After this I taught to myself, why am so out of shape? What’s wrong? So, I quit the booze totally, and started training. And during that process, my inner fire came back on! I stopped making excuses about having no self-discipline, I did have it.

When do I start?

Next week, no next month, because I have a party coming up and a birthday of a friend the week after…. NOOO, start now! These are all excuses, of your weaker self. If you listen to these, you will never get there. What ever it is you need discipline for, YOU will have to do it, it is the only way, there are no short cuts or ‘life hacks’ to be found here. So start now, make that first step.

What helps?

Plan ahead, if you need more discipline for your training, make sure you plan the evening before the training. Prepare the workout, write it down. Place you gear and clothing, packed to go. Tell your family you are going. But this not only works with training of course, with every goal you set.. Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.. remember? Here are some more tips:

  • Find your why, write it down
  • Get enough sleep
  • Visualize how you will benefit from your efforts
  • Share your plan with your buddies

What do I mean with that? Well, being accountable for your actions, and sharing them with your brothers, will keep you on the right path. We started an text group for this purpose. Do the same with your buddies, stay in contact more, check how everybody is doing, what did you train today? What are you eating, still no alcohol? Yeah, sure, in the beginning this can be felt as a burden and hard to do, but those buddies will keep you on the right course towards your goals. And after a while you will be the one helping out others, because they want to know how you did it!

Discipline Equals Freedom!

What do I mean? THIS:

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Get After It!



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