Who a person is, or the qualities of a person or group that make them different from others

It seems to be a bad thing to identify yourself with a group or to emulate somebody, why? These are some of my thoughts on this subject.

Personally, I have never felt a part of mainstream society, you?  Since you are here, reading this, chances are pretty big you are also not, or exploring your thoughts on the subject.

If you are a veteran, active Military or consider yourself a Warrior, you simply can not be. Why not? Well, if you are among the few who choose to serve or have consciously chosen to be a Warrior, you are taking the High Road, you automatically will not be able to identify yourself with mainstream society. Because simply put, ´mainstream´ is not the Warriors way.

Statue of Arminius
  • Actively being a better father
  • Getting in shape
  • Cutting sugar out of your life
  • Educating yourself
  • Keeping yourself accountable
  • Setting goals
  • Staying committed to these goals

These are just a few points you as a Warrior are doing and most of the world is not doing. Why? Because it’s hard. it takes effort. Most people prefer to zone out, don’t set goals that seem way out there. You know most will have some excuse, ‘I will start eating healthy foods, next month’ or ‘I will quit smoking after that party’. I know, because I also had many.

I know a lot of us Men are searching for their meaning in life, and many of us are indeed caught up in a life surrounded by people who are not like you. When you were young and joined the Army it was just you, but now.. you are older, maybe have a family and 2,5 kids. You have to go to soccer practice twice a week, a match on Saturday morning, work 60 hours a week, all to keep ‘the ship floating’.

Don’t be afraid of having an identity or getting back to the old one, I think you know what I mean, you feel you have to do something, stop making excuses and do it. Be that Warrior you would like to be, yes people will look strange at you when you are not having that smoke at the party or having that bottle of wine. It is your decision, your life, not theirs.


Is an important word, because seeing or observing these differences in yourself, in others, makes you conscious, like a lot of insights into life it starts with consciously observing something. Seeing or observing how ´your´ world around you works, the people act and coming to the conclusion that this is not how you want to live your life.


Don´t let go of your roots, yes, but what are your roots? I believe we have a deep connection as Warriors that goes back much further than this life. But let us focus on this life, where do you come from, who is a part of your Tribe? Next to your direct family, father, mother, brothers, sister and so on, you have made more people a part of your tribe. Ask yourself, who are these people? To whom will you go, when it matters? Who will come, if you call them in the middle of the night, asking for help? Or if you need money?


These people should be kept close, helped and supported as all Tribes would do. Make this bond stronger thru protection, communication, interaction, rituals, and religion for some. If you don´t walk this path, it will overgrow and disappear over time.


More and more we as Europeans are losing our own identity and I think most people are okay with that or are not ‘seeing’ the consequents of this in the long term. Yes, we must help people, I am not saying that. But, while we are helping, we should not forget our own ‘old’ identity. Cultural differences have always been here, and there is nothing wrong with that. It does not mean you are not respecting a different culture.

Don´t be afraid to identify yourself with a group, person, or a way of thinking that is different. Be proud of your identity and make it stronger.

I am proud and grateful to be a part of a group, A Tribe that is as strong as this one, thank you.


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  1. This deserves more likes than it has, unfortunate that we have been atomised to the point where we view the building of Männerbund and the like as revolutionary or even abnormal.

    I appreciate your ethos. It’s much needed.

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