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In 2017, a total of 62 people were killed in ten completed jihadist attacks in the European Union, according to Europol figures. The number of attempted jihadist attacks reached 33 in 2017, double that of the previous year. In addition to those killed, a total of 819 people were injured in 14 attacks.

In 2017, a total of 705 individuals were arrested in 18 EU Member states, 373 of those in France. Most arrests were on suspicion of membership in a terrorist organisation (354), suspicion of planning (120), or of preparing (112) a terrorist attack.

Date Location Article Details Deaths Injuries
1 Jan Turkey Istanbul  A mass shooting  39 70
22 Mar United Kingdom Westminster Car attack 5 50
3 Apr Russia Petersburg Suicide bomber 15 64
7 Apr Sweden Stockholm Truck attack 5 14
20 Apr France Champs-É. Active shooter 1 3
22 May United Kingdom Manchester Suicide bomber 22 512
3 Jun United Kingdom London Van and edged weapons attack 8 48
6 Jun France Notre Dame Hammer attack 0 1
19 Jun France Champs-É. Car attack(almost complex) 0 0
20 Jun Belgium Brussels Explosive device 0 0
28 Jul Germany Hamburg Knife attack 1 6
9 Aug France Levallois-P Car attack 0 6
17 Aug Spain Barcelona Van and knife attack 16 152
18 Aug Finland Turku Knife attack 2 8
15 Sept United Kingdom Parsons Gr Explosive device 0 30
1 Oct France Marseille Knife attack 2 0


Whilst putting these statistics in from last year, even I am kinda surprised by the number of attacks in 2017 across Europe. It is so ´easy´ to forget and move on. But remember, 90% of these attacks happened in a radius of just 1500 kilometers(roughly) from each other. It might seem somewhere else, because they talk a different language. But borders are non-existent in Europe, so it might have well been your home town.

Protesters United Kingdom


According to the statistics from Interpol, all of the attacks listed above are classified as jihadist terrorism. I know some of you are now thinking; ´But not all Muslim people are bad´, I know. And I am NOT stating that here. But, please do look at these statistics, there is no denying that there is a trend going on here, don´t you think?


Equality and no Identity

Why is there so much emphasis on equality, because we are not all equal. Yes, I do believe we should help people, but why not help your own tribe first? Isn’t that the first priority? Or is it because everything is already perfect in our own proximity?


It almost seems to be a sin to identify yourself with something. A good example of this is the Dutch flag. When you are in the army, you see the flag everywhere, it is hoisted up every morning at 0800 and you wear it on your uniform. In every building hangs a photo of the King to remember you, you are a part of this Tribe. Civilians put the flag up on the 4th of May to remember the fallen and put it up on the 5th of May to celebrate our freedom. But, if somebody walks around with a flag/patch sewn on their jacket, people are very quick to judge.. ‘Look a Nazi’.



The future

Do you like the way you have been living? The way you were brought up, playing hide and seek in your neighborhood, with your friends. Well I would like that for the next generation as well, don’t you? If this situation will continue on like this, we will have a huge problem(if not already). Gated communities will have to be build, schools will need armed security guards, hotels will need a security gate and armed guards. No more playing outside for your kids, without you being present and armed. Sounds like a place you know?

Cape Town, South Africa

Is it too late to change?

Or are we already under siege? Well, looking at the stats.. lets be honest, it seems that way indeed. Big changes will have to be made to turn the tide. Will that happen? ‘After the calf has drowned, the water-well is closed’ a old Dutch saying says. I am inclined to think it will be this way.. But what more must happen?

Calais, France


Should you prepare yourself for a worst case scenario? Well… Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance, so I would say yes. But it is up to you, if carrying a tourniquet and other EDC stuff, or getting in shape so you can carry your wounded child for a few hundred meters is too much hassle for you, maybe you have not woken up yet too. Take charge, be a fucking Warrior and don’t let it depend on some decisions that might be taken by your government. YOU ARE YOUR FIRST RESPONDER.

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  1. Hi Mark, totally agreed with you. BUT there’s more shtf then our EU governments wants to know about.
    For example the liberationday slaughter in Den Haag by ‘verwarde personen’. In the thousends!!!
    A Muslim can do whatever to anyone (non believers) who’s no Muslim as stated.

    But even the bigger threat is thru the Trojan Horse politics. Lets look at London. A Muslim mayor is getting (re) elected easy because of the ‘special’ preference to their community. Free money and free housing, Muslims only!!! Some parts of London being over 90% muslim already.

    Self defence KravMaga, tc3medic/march/efr, awareness… and most of all : PPPPP


  2. Great article , and yes i think if we don’t change the future it wil be our fallure .. we are under siege , and if we don’t do anything about it , this wil be the next Yougoslavie started the same way over there in the 90’

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