Congratulations! You have made it this far! Your heart is still beating…….You are Alive! Maybe you have even achieved some stuff you were proud of once. You know, back in the days. The Glory Days. Long time ago.

But is this it? Is this all there is? Really? For sure you have something to add to your Wall of Fame! Or has the Final Countdown begun?  ´I´m too old for that shit´, ´If only I was younger´ and ´I can´t do that, because….´. Are you steadily building a prison in your mind? With yourself as the only prisoner inside. Laying brick by brick and limiting your options in life with every ´can´t´ you say and think? Feeling depressed yet?  Starting to think about ´the meaning of life´? Don´t you just hate you are not living life to the fullest of your capabilities?

You know what you need? A Goal. Because: You are not dead yet!

I hear you thinking: ´Yeah, sure, Ido that goal stuff every year, on the 1st of January´.  That´s not what I´m talking about here. You need something to hunt down and kill, man!

Do you know that all successful people set goals? They set them regularly, pursue them daily and measure progress constantly. It´s what keeps them on track.

If you don´t know where you are going, any road will take you there

-Alice in Wonderland-

Time for action! Goal setting 101

Fired up? Good! Grab a piece of paper. Write down the fields you want set your Goals in. Think of: Financial, Relational, Physical, Spiritual, Charity, Community, Tribe and any other good stuff you can think of.

For each of these fields write down your Goals.

Look, any Goal that is easy to reach is not really a Goal. When you set easy Goals for yourself, you will probably not find the proper motivation to stick with the relentless pursuit of your objective. Your Goals should scare you a little and excite you a lot!

What´s the use of setting the so-called ´realistic´ Goals? ´I´m going to be sort of fit´ ´I am kind of getting rich´ ´I will be an average dad´. Silly, right?

So your Goals should be in the current realm of ´Impossible´. Be unrealistic. Remember that ´realistic´ is just the baseline established by the general population. Not people like you. Do you think we would have had internet, planes, automobiles etc if the inventors had decided to set reasonable Goals? Of course not.

Yes, you read that right! Setting the right Goals will make you think: ´Holy crap, I need to bring my game to a whole different level!´

Don´t worry about the ´How?´ yet. Don´t be reasonable. Reasonable kills motivation.

Even if you come up a bit short on an Enormous Goal, you can be satisfied. Come up short on a ´Reasonable´ Goal and you end up average. just like everybody else.

Are your Goals SMART?

There is a good format to use in writing your Goals down. They should be SMART!

SMART stands for: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time based.

Like this: ´I will have over a million Euro in net worth (specific and measurable, attainable and realistic) on or before 1st January 2020.´

Or: ´I will be 90 kilo with 10% or less body fat on or before 1st November 2018.´

Easy, right? Don´t forget the ´Time bound´, it is essential.

Hocus Pocus, sort of…..

Now write down your Goals as if you have already achieved them.

´I am a RedBull Romaniacs finisher´ ´I have a million Euro in assets producing at least 10% cashflow per year.´ Even if you have not already achieved them.

And do this once or twice daily. I do it every morning. It will help you focus on your Goals by repetition. And the Universe tends to go out of its way to make your prevailing thoughts into reality. Thoughts become things. Believe in it or not. Just all successful people do it.

Take Massive Action

Ok, good, your Goals are in place. You have now already separated yourself from 97% of the population, who don´t set Goals at all. Chances are you are underestimating how much action is needed to achieve your Goals.

Don´t worry. Make a plan. (Because a Goals without a plan is called a Wish). Now just take Massive Action. Massive Action will kill doubt. Taking Massive Action is the defining skill set needed to achieve your Goals. The amount of action is crucial. Go for it. Like a maniac. Like your life depends on it. Because it probably does.

In case of doubt…..Increase Effort!

What is your Big Why?

We have written about this before. For all the Goals you have written down, look for your Big Why and write it down.

Want a Ferrari? Why? Because you want to show everybody that ever told you that you were no good, that you are doing very well against all odds.

Want to get fit? Why? Because you want to be harder to kill and give a good example for your kids.

Want to be financially independent? Why? Because you do not want to be a slave of your ´work to earn´ pay check anymore.

You get the point. The Big Why will help you with……….

Overcoming Resistance

If you have set your Goals high enough, you will encounter obstacles on your way. That´s inevitable and part of the process. He, if it was easy everybody would be able to do it!

You know what happens most with goals when adversity strikes? Goals are being ´adjusted´. You see that time and time again. Don´t do that to yourself! Don´t be that person.

Every obstacle you overcome will bring you closer to your Goals. It´s like the Universe is testing what you are made of. Determining if you deserve to reach success.

Whenever you come across an obstacle that makes you think about quitting, just think of this true story from ´Think and Grow Rich´ from Napoleon Hill, about a guy named Darby:

Darby’s uncle had gone West to Colorado during the gold rush days and eventually came across gold ore. In the need of mining machinery to dig up more gold, Darby’s uncle returned home to Maryland to secure financing for the machinery. While there, he also was able to enlist Darby’s help. Once financing was secured, Darby and his uncle returned to Colorado to work the mine.

Initially, things were going well. The first remnants of gold they discovered were shipped to a smelter and the returns provided a promise that they could have one of Colorado’s richest mines. A few more gold discoveries like the first, could clear Darby and his uncle of all their debt and leave them very rich.

Needless to say, they were hopeful as they continued to drill.

Then the unbelievable happened. The vein of gold ore they had been successfully drilling just disappeared. Confident they would find more gold Darby and his uncle continued to drill, day after day, with no luck.

Every day of drilling drove them both deeper into debt and until finally, they both decided to QUIT! They sold the drilling machinery to a nearby junkman and returned home.

The junkman wasn’t convinced that their mine had no gold, so he hired a mining engineer to get an expert opinion before breaking down all of the drilling machinery to be sold. The engineer’s findings were shocking! He found that the vein of gold ore that Darby and his uncle had been seeking, was just three feet from where they had stopped drilling!

The junkman decided to continue drilling and that is exactly where the gold was found!

JUST THREE FEET AWAY! The junkman made Millions from the gold.


Discipline equals Freedom. Keep yourself accountable. Chase your dreams and Goals down. Never stop. Never listen to your own of others excuses. People will say you are crazy. Don´t listen to them. They do not share your Goals and determination. You don´t want to be average. You are on a Quest. You are on a mission. You have a Goal.

Share your Goals with the persons who will support you and can help you achieve them. Don´t share them with the ´Nay-sayers´. They will just get in your way. It´s what they do.

Success is your duty, obligation and responsibility

as Grant Cardone says in this book ´The 10X Rule(A great motivational book on Goals setting by the way).


And do it all again! Get to work! You will feel more Alive! Do it now and stick with it.

Thanks for reading!

I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.


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Written and copied by Robin C, Former Dutch SF officer, Operator, 12 years into adapting to civilian life


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