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Scott Mann has spent most of his entire adult life leaving tracks, and his mission in life is to help others do the same. His Dad, Rex Mann, refers to this as giving back to causes higher than yourself. He doesn’t know why he loves it so, but he does. He has served our great country for 23 years in the U.S. Army, most of that as a Green Beret doing missions all over the world. He fought three combat tours in Afghanistan, as well as in many other conflict zones such as Iraq and Colombia. His last few years in the Army, he was an architect and original implementor of the Special Operations Village Stability Operations (VSO)/Afghan Local Police (ALP) programs in Afghanistan. He also designed and implemented the popular SOCOM Academic Week training courses. Scott has commanded troops at several levels. At his last rank, lieutenant colonel, he made the tough decision to pass on his promotion to colonel and pursue other passions.

Are you chasing your dream?  Let’s cut right to the chase.  I want to know.

I want to know, because everywhere I look, it seems like folks are just kind of trudging through the day.  Is that you?  If it is, let me ask you a few questions:  When did you last think about your dream?  When did you actually give chase?  Why did you stop?

We all tend to put our dreams on a shelf for one reason or another.

Hey, I get it.  We’re all busy just getting through the day  – putting food on the table, taking care of our kids, putting up with the boss’s crap.  Sometimes an external event causes us to give up on our dream.  Sometimes, we just resign ourselves to the fact that dreams are for kids and we have to live in the real world don’t we?

But, is that why we’re here?  To trudge…  to put up with?  I am not buying it.  There is more to you than just getting by.  You know it, and I know it.

Whatever stopped you from chasing your dream can be tamed, harnessed, and controlled.

Let me tell you what inspired me on this topic.  I just spent some  time with one of my best Friends in the world, Chief Warrant Officer 3, Romy Camargo and his wife Gaby.  Romy and I served in Special Forces together.  On his third tour to Afghanistan, he was shot through the neck and paralyzed from the shoulders down.  He sleeps on a ventilator at night and is confined to a mechanical wheel chair – at least for now.

I say ‘for now’ because Romy Camargo is a force of nature who chases his dreams with the gusto of a relentless warrior.  He has taught himself how to breathe again.  He’s moved out of the VA Hospital and into his own home.  He gives inspirational speeches to high school kids.  He blogs and writes.  He is, quite simply, remarkable.

What is most remarkable is his pursuit of the dream he and Gaby have.  They have decided to open a spinal cord injury rehabilitation center in Tampa, Florida called Stay in Step.  Can you believe that?!  With all they have been through, he wants to open a non-profit center to help others deal with similar injuries.

I am on their advisory board and it keeps me humble every day.  With only four or five of us, we’ve raised nearly $400,000 in just over a year.  They have acquired a building, most of the equipment, an attending physician and are looking to open up in April 2015 (Hoping my Scott Mann Tribe Members will come!).

I am in awe of Romy.  I asked him once how he does it.  He says the “bullet changed his life, and in many ways was the best thing that ever happened to him.  It caused him to focus on things most important to him – his Family, and it inspired him to live his life in a way that’s bigger than himself.”  Damn.

Okay, great story, but what does this mean to you?  What does this have to do with your life?  Simple – I need you to find your bullet.

If Romy Camargo can take the bullet that flipped his whole world upside down and turn it into an opportunity, you can too. Right?!

Which takes us back to your dream.  Where is it?  Are you holding it up in front of you and chasing it?  If not, I am asking you to do that – right now.  Dreams are sacred.  They give us the vision we need to achieve things that are bigger than we are.  They take us out of the ‘trudging’ and ‘putting up with’ and move us into the sunlight of the warm, empowered life we were all meant to live.

Consider the challenges that stand in your way and look at them from Romy’s perspective.  Is this a bullet that is actually giving you another opportunity that you are just not allowing yourself to see?

Bring your dream back into focus…and let’s take on whatever obstacle caused you to set it aside.

Do me a solid…Watch this short video from Romy and Gaby on how they overcome daily challenges.  I guarantee you it’ll fire you up just like it does me.  Then, step off toward your dream. That’s the stuff that matters in the world and let’s you leave the tracks you were meant to leave.

Now, I need you to join our tribe if you haven’t already.  We’re bringing elite leadership back and we need you with us to do it.

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Until next time, thanks for what you do.


Scott Mann

Author of Game Changers

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