Disgusting Fat Body?

You wake up. Stroll to the bathroom, do your thing, look into the mirror…..BAM! It hits you! ´WTF! Where the Hell did this Disgusting Fat Body come from?!?´ You´re thinking: ´I´m sure that shit wasn´t there before! Back in the days. When i was still a Lean Mean Fighting Machine.´ You take out some pictures from your Operator Days. And you are right. Welcome to ´YOU Version 2.0´…… the not-so-improved edition.

You kind of knew you were getting ´bigger´ or ´heavier´, but that´s just part of ´We´re all Getting Older!´ and ´Man, I´m Living the Good Life!´, right? Unavoidable. Part of Life. Accept. Buy loose fitting clothes. Move on.

That day you noticed that your belly was moving independent from you, your core muscles no longer strong enough to keep your gut in check, was a long time ago. And ´He, everybody else around me is getting fatter, so i still look pretty good!´ But let me tell you a dirty little secret you don´t want to hear: You are lying to yourself.

  • You don´t have to deteriorate rapidly as you grow older. You cannot use that excuse. There is plenty of fit people over 70. Just saying.
  • You can live a good life and be healthy at the same time. Believe me.
  • Did you know that ‘looking fat’ is really the way you can see that your body is in trouble. Your body has been in trouble even before you ´grew your love handles´. The objective is not looking good…..it´s being healthy! Yes, your biceps do look bigger when you are fatter…….but who are you kidding really?

Ok, so maybe you are not a DFB. But maybe you are not as fit as you used to be. Or a bit overweight. Or you are struggling with your concentration. Or you are having a hard time recovering after workouts. Have a nagging pain in your joints. Want to Thrive more. Live more! Keep reading! There is a Magic Formula for this!

Not a Disgusting Fat Body? Keep reading anyway!

Does it even matter?

Well, if your life´s goal is to wither away quickly, get sick often, trap yourself in ´can´t do that anymore´ and to merely survive in life and get it all over with, then the answer is: NO. It does not matter. Stop reading now. Enjoy your life.


If your goal is to Thrive and get the most out of this extremely short experience on Earth……

If your goal is to be able to take care of your own and your loved ones…….

If you value having energy to do the stuff you want…….

If you want to keep the processing power of your brain healthy……

You´d better pay attention. Because your body can be in trouble even if you are not fat AF.

Still here?

Well, if you are still here, reading, my hat´s off to you. I have not been nice to you. I am sorry. But somebody had get your attention. That is what friends are for, right? ´Who am I to lecture you on how you live your life?´, you are asking?

Well, for one:…….I actually fucking care about you. That should be enough.

Second (a bit more egotistical): I need you to be the best version of you. Remember: ´Strong Men create Good Times, Good Times create Weak Men, Weak Men create Hard Times’. (not my quote by the way)

We are now still in Good Times (on the very edge of it, if you ask me), but they will be turned into Hard Times. Strong Men will be needed. (Yes, women too, but you get the point)

Third: i have actually read a lot of books on the subject. But, as we all know, that does not mean shit :-). We all read books at school, right? What great stuff did we get from that time-investment? 🙂

One important concept I would like to touch upon though. An eye-opener. It´s from the book Thrive by Brendan Brazier and it´s about stress.

Imagine a bath tub. The amount of water that you can pour in, is the amount of stress you can take before you break down. There is a limit to it. And you are dealing with stress. Every day and lots of it. Stress from work, Stress from toxins in the environment, Relationship Stress, Workout Stress and lots more…….and Nutritional Stress.

Nutritional Stress divides into 2 aspects:

  1. Giving your body what it does not need. Think McDonald’s. Unhealthy fats, all E numbers (color and taste and preservative additives) ever thought of (including the neuro (brain) toxin Aspartame, addictive MSG). Man, we´re loading up on toxins, fats, sugars and salt. Your body is a (insert your favorite sports car brand here): don´t throw a handful of dirt into the fuel tank! Crap in = Crap out. You body is replacing its cells. After 4 months most of your cells are Brand New (some will take 7 years however). These cells were built with whatever you put into your body within that time-frame. You are (literary) what you eat!!!
  2. Not giving your body what it needs. Look, your body is a machine like no other. It can repair itself. Ever stopped to think of that? How amazing that is? You break it…..it repairs itself. If you give it the chance. 1000% Better than your (insert your favorite sports car brand here), right? But it needs the proper building blocks to do so. Macro nutrients and vitamins and minerals. And water. And sleep.

Here´s the thing: Nutritional Stress can make up to 40% of your total Stress. (Don´t ask me how this has been measured though:-))

So, when you make sure that you do not eat (1) and do eat (2), you can lower your stress level significantly. Which means there is more stress that can be loaded on in other fields (like workouts and subsequent recovery or work). Or you just have less stress.

Do you have any idea what you are putting your body through processing this?

Fourth: Own Experience Based. I actually live by this Magic Formula of eating and drinking. I am older than i have ever been (obviously)(almost 44 now), but i´m fitter and healthier than i have ever been. Yes, including My Operator Days. I´m talking about running 30km in the mountains without muscle ache the next day. But i´m also talking about ´The Astonishing Disappearance of Hay fever´ after 30 years. (More energy left for immune system apparently)

Fifth: I´ve seen this work with others as well. A good buddy of mine (Arian) and i have done some pretty hard workouts together. Hours and hours. ´OK, we´re going to be so sore tomorrow, for sure´. Nothing happened. No muscle ache. Nada.

Family and friends have lost muchos kilos of fat, by following this Magic Formula. More energy. And ´I have had this as long as i can remember´ ailments disappeared. Super quick recovery after breaking bones. Plenty examples. I am convinced. This stuff works.

´But I work out 6 times a week! I´m fit!´

Good for you!

If i asked you now: ´So, how are you doing?´, you´d probably say ´Good´.

The baseline. ´Good´. The state you have gotten used to.

What if there was another baseline that you didn´t even know there was? ´Great!´ Don´t you want to be at that baseline? It´s possible.

Just working out alone will not get you there. It even plays a smaller part in elevating the level of how you feel and how well your body operates.

The Magic Formula will get you there quicker!

Tell me now! What is this Magic Formula???

Here we go: Eat Food, Eat less, Mostly plants. (Michael Pollan said this) That´s the basis. Let´s start there. Is that all? No, but it´s a damn good start. Drink more water. Sleep well.

Hardly Rocket Surgery, right? Same thing your mother said? Yes, can be, but did you listen?

  • Eat food: something you can actually recognize as food, not that processed shit. Read food labels: you won´t believe what is in your food.
  • Don´t binge. Less is also enough. Give your body a break.
  • Eat veggies and fruits for your vitamins and minerals and fiber. Lots of it. If it comes from a plant: eat it. If it comes out of a plant: don´t.

Easy, right? Man, i can complicate your life so much by getting into the nitty gritties, but i won´t……. for now. This is the fundament on which the Warrior is build.

It´s Magic!

Too hard?

You like shortcuts and the formula above sounds like a lot of work? Afraid you will not get ´management buy-in´ (approval by family)?

This one´s for you!

Every morning, start off your day with a Daily Green Smoothie. Blender: banana, apple, blueberries, 1/2 avocado, kale, spinach (yes, raw). After some time: cut back a bit on the fruit and add more leafy greens. Drink. Chew on it while drinking. Every day. This will change your life for the better. 100% Guaranteed! Even if you are not a Disgusting Fat Body 😉 Just do it. Do your organs and microbiome a favor.

There are plenty of recipe sites for Green Smoothies out there. Feel free to take it to the next level with Superfoods etc. Just start and start now.

Let me know how it has changed your life in the comments! Love to hear from you!

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Written by Robin C, Former Dutch SF officer, Operator, 12 years into adapting to civilian life


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