Team training Iraq 2003

Brotherhood is one of the most important parts of Arminius, I have talked about it a little bit in this article and now I would like to go in a bit deeper, to explain to you, my thoughts on Brotherhood.

What is Brotherhood

Some might have some different ideas on how and where it comes from, but for me it was formed during the selection course of the Special Forces. The bond created there, is still strong after 20 years, and most of these guys are a part of Arminius, of which I am very proud indeed. Even though I have been in a number of teams after that and also in much longer intense contact during missions, the bond I have with these guys is always stronger. I am wondering if you are having these same feelings..? Please leave me a comment below on this. I guess the suffering could be a big part of the bonding process, and that is why it is so strong still.

Why do we need this Brotherhood

It took me some years before I understood the importance of the Brotherhood, because the moment you are ´inside´ the unit, you are not seeing or feeling it, most of the times. Because it is normal and excepted by everybody as normal. You go on missions together, see and experience the same shit together, from boredom, taking cover from indirect fire, returning fire to the loss of a team member. This all makes your bond even stronger. And then after some time, being back home, you think back on all the things you have been trough, while ´normal´ people are complaining about the weather or something else that seems totally irrelevant to you.. recognize that feeling? Yeah I thought you would. And this is exactly why we need this Brotherhood, to reflect and talk about those times, with guys who do understand how it is.

Quote by Jack Donovan

Keeping the Brotherhood alive

Now after all these years serving in different units, with different levels of professionalism, I know for myself where the power lies. For me it was that first unit, but I guess that for you that feeling could have come during a later period, it is personal after all. But what I do know, is that you will have to keep the Brotherhood alive, because you will benefit from it 100%. By keeping the Brotherhood alive, we have helped guys who needed support because of the problems they got from the work, physically and mentally. But also don´t underestimate the networking power of your Brotherhood, because these people know what and who you are. So a job or business opportunity is much more likely to go to a guy they know from ´back in the day´ than somebody from the streets.. think about it, you have been in difficult, dangerous situations with this guy in some country far away.. He knows who he can really trust when the shit hits the fan.. YOU.

Peer review and reputation

Have you ever heard of peer review? No, check this out first. My first official peer review was during the selection course of the Dienst Bewaken en Beveiligen (DBB, link only in Dutch) after I had left the Army Special Forces. During the peer review we had to write down what we thought of our colleague candidates in six points, this revealed some very interesting points about my personality and position within the group, that I had not seen or felt. It will also reveal a lot about your reputation you have within the group. I know now, that the reputation I build(not knowingly) during my years in the Special Forces, I still carry with me today for some part. At that time I was just doing what I thought was the best thing to do. And, we(the team) aimed for the very best outcome possible, expected nothing less from ourselves and team mates.

Small team drills CQB
Training on the job, doing CT drills back in 2003 Iraq

Of course you can imagine that this attitude did lead to some small issues sometimes, because not everybody is willing to go that extra mile. If you are still active duty, or training to go to selection, keep this in mind.. the reputation you build now, will stay with you forever. Better make sure it is a good one.

Keep this in mind.. the reputation you build now, will stay with you forever. Better make sure it is a good one.

What is a good Brother

Sorry for the female readers, this part is a Man thing.. 🙂 When are you considered to be ´a good Man/Brother´ by other men, or when do you consider a Brother to be a good Man? Why am I only talking about men? Well think about it, when are you considered a good Man by females? When you are at home in time, don´t go of to fight wars, help to clean the house and so on. But we as men all know that we have a feeling deep inside of us that has nothing to do with these things, no, we want to be the protector, go of to hunt, and fight wars. Jack Donovan has written a great deal about this subject in his book ´the way of men´,

The way of Men by Jack Donovan
The way of Men by Jack Donovan

and it helped me a lot in understanding my own feelings on this subject. It also explains what is going on in society and what is wrong with the position most men are in. Don´t get me wrong, I have nothing against females(not at all), but it is good to understand the differences between the sexes and what nature has programmed in to our DNA, what we should achieve to be considered successful in life.

Who´s in, who´s out

Keeping the above paragraph in mind, think about your own Brotherhood or Tribe. OK, now ask yourself why some guys are definitely in your Brotherhood/Tribe, and why some are not.. why is this guy not in or on the edge of your Tribe? Probably he is not 100% committed to the Tribe, because he has other priorities. Or his reputation(he build years ago) is not really good, because you could not count on him back in the day.

How do I start a Tribe

Now, you might be thinking, ´I need a Tribe´ yes, of course you need a Tribe of men a Brotherhood of guys that you can trust and depend on in times of need. I could go on and explain to you how to do it.. or you can just read this book ´Becoming a Barbarian´

Becoming a Barbarian by Jack Donovan
Becoming a Barbarian by Jack Donovan

These two books are very important in the way I think about my Tribe. A lot of my feelings about tribalism, my old unit and my personal feelings about the position of men in society. They where important influences for starting Arminius.

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