This is one of my favorite quotes ever taken from a movie (and the more you read of my stuff, the more you’re going to realize how much I love movie quotes). What an absolutely profound statement though.

Tough pill to swallow

I’m enough of a realist to know that the whole, “Every cloud has a silver lining.” thing  is a pretty tough pill to swallow when life deals you a crap hand. But do you know what’s even more realistic? Knowing that every once in a great while, it’s simply your turn for that hand. It’s how you choose to deal with that hand that defines what kind of a person you’re going to be in life.


The silver lining

It’s easy to do the right thing when everything is going your way. It’s easy to get up with a positive attitude when life keeps dealing you Aces. But what about when you’re fighting a daily struggle with depression? Or if you’re the soldier on patrol in Afghanistan that walks on an IED and loses his leg? Pretty damn hard to see the silver lining now, isn’t it?

These are the situations where life puts you to the test. When life throws you in the grinder to see how tough you are, it’s your attitude that will get you through.

Attitude is not something that you have no control over. Attitude is not genetic. Attitude is a choice. Attitude is a conscious decision. Attitude is what determines if you are going to roll over and die in the face of adversity, or if you’re going to stand up, look your enemies in the eyes, and scream, molṑn labé!”



Choosing your attitude

So the next time that you’re feeling overstretched, picked on by life, or that you just keep getting dealt a raw deal, ask yourself, “Is the problem really the problem? Or is the problem my attitude about the problem?” Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and approach it from a new angle. How can you get through? What about not just getting through, but getting through and shining? What about using this shit situation you’re in to show everybody exactly what you’re made of? Is it tinfoil, or titanium? You are the only one who gets to choose, because you’re the one choosing your attitude.

Now, take a moment to watch this incredibly inspirational video:



Thanks for reading, article originally written by Clayton Pollack at Spotter Up Tactical, reposted with their permission. Make sure to check them out!

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