We are proud to present these outstanding partners of Arminius, these companies represent the very best in their area of operations. Make sure to mention Arminius if you visit, or do business with them in the future.

Dutch Defence Press is an independent photo and press agency specialized in the military and defence. Here you will find original articles and photographs made by our own team of reporters. We also provide imagery, articles, editorial, journalistic and advertising content to magazines all around the world.


World class products for the most demanding situations.

TBM is a trading company located in The Netherlands. The main and traditional markets are the Dutch and European Law Enforcement & Armed Forces. Over 50 years TBM has been serving the government by delivering the best possible products, solutions and services.

ReWind Strength and Conditioning

A training center where:

  • Strength training
  • Conditioning
  • Olympic Weightlifting
  • Gymnastics (Bodyweight movements)
  • Powerlifting

are offered under supervision of a qualified coach. Strength training at ReWind Strength and Conditioning is always given in a structured fashion whereby we focus on a specific goal, whereas the Strength and Conditioning program seeks constantly varied training. All our trainings are suitable for all individuals regardless of level.

All with one common goal: Release The Winner Inside (ReWind)!

These training’s combined with sport-massages and physiotherapy sessions per request help ReWind Strength and Conditioning realize your goals.



Our mission is to provide specialized medical knowledge and products to tactical operatives and other personnel working in remote areas. Changes in society, spiraling levels of violence and the growing diversity of cross-border work have created a need for our services.

It is increasingly important for individuals to have highly specialized knowledge to save time in emergency situations, limit negative effects and improve the quality of recovery from injuries.


Are you looking for the best doorkicker-tools?.. Look no further, Tac-up has a strong background in Special Operations. They took this unique real life experience and created this problem solving company that demands the very best products. Most of them designed and made ‘in house’. Check them out at:

Me testing out a Tac-up designed tool:


Club Villamar

Ever thought about spending your holiday in a villa with private pool? Well, be sure to check out Club Villamar! The biggest supplier of villas with private pool and close to the beautiful beaches of Spain.

Check out the website:

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