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Go back just a few hundred years… How did most of our ancestors lived? Well, in a Tribe with very clear roles to who played which part, from cooking food, building shelters, making weapons, to hunting and going to war. It all came down to 1 very important thing… The SURVIVAL of the TRIBE. Every aspect of our lives in that time was centered around it, also the way a village would be set up, to make it defend-able, close to resources like fresh water and on a south-facing slope. All of it was meant to create the optimal circumstances to survive. No school exams back then for the kids, it was the school of Life, all thinking about Survival and the Continuation of the Tribe.

A good book on how, not so long ago people lived like this is this one:

In this book, a Native American named Wooden Leg, tells his story, how he grew up, and when he was present at the battle in which General Custer lost his life. It is a great inside in to how Tribes lived not so long ago.








Current Status

Fast forward to the daily life of most men today… A duplex, two cars, 2.3 kids, a dog, a huge credit card debt and a shitty 9 to 5 job. O yeah, don’t forget at least 15, mind numbing, creativity killing years in your local school, where you were being ‘prepared’ for life. No hunting, no protecting and no preparing for war are included in this current curriculum.
But, hunting, protecting and preparing for war were included for the last 200.000 years (estimate) in our evolution, until recently. Your Tribe was adapting itself constantly to new environments, changes in available food sources (Not KFC) and new enemies. It is my believe, that something like this, that has been programmed for so long, is almost set in our DNA and it cannot be erased in something like 100 years of industrial revolution, or can it?



The Urge

And this is exactly why men join the Armed Forces, Law Enforcement and First Responder Units. This is an Urge that comes from deep inside of us, programmed for thousands of years, to protect, to attack, to hunt, to be a part of a Tribe(Or in some cases maybe even to join a Gang or MC?). Do all of these jobs attract the same kind of person? No, some want to protect more, some want to safe lives more and some want to go to war. But it is all about Protecting and Hunting. It is the Urge to be a Warrior!



Yes problems, because, which society needs guys running around in their duplex-neighborhood, with the urge to be Warriors? We don’t need that anymore right? Well… ok some, but only if it is in a land, far, far away and they don’t hear the explosions or see the misery.
Until the shit hits the fan in the duplex-neighborhood… or in the school down the street.

And of course, most of us don’t notice this at first, because 99.9% of society is a duplex-neighborhood, with 2.3 kids.. So everybody is accepting this as ‘normal’. When you were young, you had a dream to join that unit, and did. But now, maybe, you are not in that situation anymore. Somebody said to you, or you told yourself, that now it is to be at home, after all those years doing your thing. And don’t get me wrong, that is very good of course. But, do not forget who you are.. because forgetting this, might give you some problems down the line. You start to ask yourself, ‘what is wrong? Why do I feel like this, what is my purpose, I have no goals’ it can indeed feel empty.




And Now?

You recognized yourself, as that ‘Duplex-Guy’? And you are wondering what to do? Well, it starts with the ‘recognizing of the situation’, so in my opinion that’s good, because now, you can work on it. Don’t fight nature, you are born a Warrior. A duplex, 2.3 kids and two cars don’t change that.. it just hides it. Keep doing Warrior stuff, keep being prepared, train yourself, train your buddies, be harder to kill. And Keep the Brotherhood Alive!


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