Have you ever thought about the possibility of a total grid down scenario for any period of time?

We have all seen the crazy preppers on TV, preparing for the end of the world as we know it right? Of course these people are casted for a TV show.. But what if they have a point? What if the shit hits the fan for real? Not in some country far away, but in YOUR country. Are you ready for something like that?



The Mayans, the Vikings, the Christians, and other religions have all made their premonitions about impending doomsday, but what would be most likely to happen, or has already happened? According to Jonathan Hollerman we should prepare for something like a total grid down in the near future.


Who is Jonathan Hollerman?

Well, he is not your crazy prepper from the Discovery channel.. Hollerman is a former military S.E.R.E (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) Instructor, a best-selling author on prepping, and has years of emergency preparedness consulting experience.


Survival Retreat Consultant

Along with his time spent writing, Jonathan has spent years working as an Emergency Preparedness Consultant specializing in Survival Retreat design and has clients all over the world.  He performs on-site survival retreat analysis and designs off-grid infrastructure for families working on a budget up to multi-million dollar compounds. Jonathan also provides his expertise through phone consultation. Check out his site Grid Down Consulting.



What if we would have a total grid down, right now? Stop reading for a moment and think about the consequences today..

  • Are you at work?
  • Are your kids at school?
  • Are you living in a major city?
  • Are you out-of-town for work?

Imagine this: As of now, there is no more power, no telephone net(or at least not for long). What will you do? Do you have a plan in place, have you made some kind of plan with your family on how to act in this situation? Will you pick up your kids at school, or your wife?

Lucky enough you all made it home safely, power has been down for hours now and it is starting to get dark outside. You find an old battery-powered radio and listen to the emergency broadcast telling you to stay inside and that they will restore the power as soon as possible. Your kids are starting to go hungry now, so let’s cook some food.. well not inside anyway, because the electric cooker is not working. For now it is all fun and games of course, it is like camping at home.


Fast forward 5 days

Yes only 5 days. The power is still off.. Are you still in your apartment waiting for the government to turn the power back on?

The 2nd day during the LA riots

After 5 days it will be complete mayhem in every major city, shops will be closed, no supplies are arriving at your local supermarket anymore. People will be out looking for water, food and medicine.


We will be back in the ‘stone-age’ before you know it. Within days gangs will be more and more active and use their already violent ways to get what they want.. could be your wife or daughter by the way… Most people you know will be dead within one year.

They where already a close Tribe before the riots started


First Responders

Yes, what about the Police, the Army and Paramedics? Well, they have families too… some of them will stay on the job, sure. But when real survival starts, they will be at home protecting their Tribe.

Of course Police Officers, Army and Veterans guys will have a much better chance of surviving because of their background.

Soldiers collecting water. U.S. Air Force photo/Capt. Karalyne Lowery









A blind eye

Most people turn a blind eye, and say that it will never happen. Modern society for the most part, is not prepared for anything serious to happen. ‘What? No wifi? OMG how am I going to post these selfies?’ That seems to be more important nowadays.

Talking about this with your family can be difficult, and people can easily make fun of it, mainly because of those TV-series.

Well.. fuck that, I am preparing anyway.

I want my tribe to survive

Am I Ready?

I am not a prepper, not even close. Am I prepared for a scenario like this? Well, after reading back my own article… not quite yet. I consider myself a realist, so I do consider a scenario like a total grid down a very real possibility. If you want to know more about the possible events that could end the world as we know it, and how to prepare for them, make sure to read Hollerman’s books:


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