Let´s Learn and Laugh together!
Let´s Learn, Improve and Laugh together!

Learn, Improve and Laugh together

I sure am glad you are joining us on our journey to being Ready. Ready to tackle whatever life throws at us! Let´s Learn, Improve and Laugh together!

The Barcelona Attack reminded me of being physically and mentally ready for a crisis. But, for me, ´Always Be Ready´ has more meaning to it.

´Always Be Ready´ is about having a pro-active mindset.
It shows your subconscious (and people around you) that you are in control. Not fate. You are the Master of your Fate. Not a terrorist. You. No excuses. You.
That you are willing and able to overcome any obstacle Life throws your way.
Set big goals and crush them.

It´s about continuous improvement:
Every day improvement
1% Better or Worse Every Day: Big Difference!
That does not come naturally for most. It takes motivation.
So…..Where can we buy this stuff? 🙂
Here´s how to get motivated.

Why is ´Your Big WHY´ important?

I don´t know about you guys, but whenever I am going to change my life, it´s good to know my Big WHY. Why are you seeking to change? Why are you going out of your comfort zone to change things, over and over again, transforming.

This is particularly important when you are going to face obstacles and have to exert effort to overcome them.

This gives you motivation and inspiration. No one else can do it for you. You have to do it yourself.

It´s your life´s purpose. Why you are here and do what you do. Deep stuff, right?
It creates your Desire. And it all starts with Desire (as all of you who have read ´Think and Grow Rich´ know. Totally recommend this book)
Desire, faith and purposeful and organised action will accomplice goals.
Want to get fitter? WHY?
Want to eat healthier? WHY?
Want to make a million Euros? WHY?
Your big WHY will drive you when ´you don´t feel like it today´. When you sit on the side of your bed, early in the morning, still dark outside…..but need to work out…….and it´s ´Hill Repeats Interval Day´.
Your Big WHY matters.

What is your Big WHY?


Is your biggest fear an unfulfilled life? Dreams not chased?

Are you motivated by what people will say about you after you die? The legacy you will leave behind? What you will be remembered for? A person always ready to learn, in charge of his life, improving himself and helping others? Or a lazy couch potato that played Angry Birds all the time?

Is the person you see in the mirror every day, the person you want to be for the rest of your life? Decide to move toward the person you want to be.
Are you the example you want your kids to look up to and try to emulate? Would you look up to yourself?
So think about it. What is your big WHY? Grab a piece of paper and write it down. Not kidding, do it. You will need it one day. If you don´t….you are not pushing yourself hard enough! 🙂
What gets you off your ass and moving?
“He who has a why can endure any how.” — Frederick Nietzsche
If you know your why, nothing can stop you. (Mark and me @ Redbull Romaniacs Finish 2015, pic by Manon Hooijschuur)

Written by Robin C, Former Dutch SF officer, Operator, 12 years into adapting to civilian life


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