Well, that would be the stuff you carry with you in your pockets, everyday. Sounds logical right? But, what’s in your pockets now? Some old receipts, keys, a paperclip, your phone and some pocket change? Yes for most people it probably does mean this.

Stuff from inside your pockets
What is inside your pockets now?

But I mean a different everyday carry(EDC). A knife, a flashlight, a tourniquet.. yeah stuff like that. You don’t have that on you right now? Why not? Because somebody might think you are crazy, paranoia, or you think it is not useful and overrated?

Everyday carry items, like a knife, keys, a notebook and a watch
Everyday Carry
Why do I need an Everyday Carry(EDC)?

For me, having an EDC is an important part of Always being Prepared(Semper Paratus). We didn’t put that in the logo just to sound good :), it is actually what we strive for everyday. Until one year ago, I did already always carry a pocket knife with me, I have done so most of my semi and adult life. It is a Spyderco that I bought in 1999, and is still in great shape.

A Spyderco Endura 2 stainless steel knife
Spyderco Endura 2 Stainless Steel

But Robin said he had been reading a book, and that I should also read it, because I would probably like it, it was called: “Survival Theory: a preparedness guide” by Jonathan Hollerman and I did indeed like it a lot! In this book Hollerman describes in great detail the things that might happen in case of a major grid down situation, but also things that are most likely to happen in your day-to-day life. And that started me thinking, if I was prepared for stuff most likely to happen in day-to-day life. I had to make the conclusion that I was not prepared. Even the simple stuff like having no power around the house, which happens quite a lot down here at my 100-year-old house. So, regroup and time to think what I needed on me and close with me at all times to be at least better prepared in case of an emergency.

Why would you need an Everyday Carry?

Think about it, who would you want to help most in an emergency situation?

  1. Yourself
  2. Your family
  3. Your brothers
  4. A victim

And if you have been in the Military or served as a first responder, you have received some form of medical, TCCC, Combat lifesaver or SF-medic training.. you are that person that can actually save lives! Who is a real first responder? It is the first person on the scene! How long does it take to bleed out? Not long. Somebody with an arterial bleeding will be dead before the medics even leave their station. OK, you will improvise a tourniquet on the scene? Turns out that is pretty difficult, especially when you are the one bleeding out. The point I am trying to make is, that we as trained individuals should  must be prepared, ALWAYS.

What should be in your Everyday Carry?

As mentioned above, it should in my opinion contain items to control and stop arterial bleeding at least, so, a tourniquet. A good one like this one:

a C-A-T Tourniquet GEN7
C-A-T Tourniquet GEN7

But there is more stuff to be considered.. I think that a lot of this stuff depends also in which environment you are, and what you are willing to carry around with you all the time. That’s why I have created layers, like the ones you will see in professional armies, a 1st, 2nd and 3rd layer.

1st Layer is always on my body, the things you will use everyday:
My items, a phone, a notebook, watch, knife, flashlight
My personal 1st layer
  • Phone
  • Cards/money
  • Passport/ID
  • Notebook
  • Pen
  • Watch with gps
  • Flashlight
  • Knife
2nd layer will be within arm’s-length, or on me when I am moving:
Fannypack items like chestseal, ripshears, burntec and plasticuffs
My personal 2nd layer
  • Safety pen to break glass and cut seatbelts
  • Tourniquet
  • NAR Emergency Trauma Dressing
  • Particle Respirator
  • Burntec, first aid for burns
  • Quikclot Combat Gauze
  • Compressed gauze
  • Leatherman
  • Bear claw glove kit
  • Ripshears
  • HyFin Chest seal
  • PlastiCuffs
  • And a nice fanny pack 🙂 to put it all in
3rd layer I keep in my car:
5.11 backpack with survival gear
My personal 3rd layer
  • Goretex jacket
  • Fleece
  • Rain jacket and marker panel
  • 3 liters of water
  • Some freeze-dried food
  • Extra medical kit
  • Fire making kit
  • Headlight
  • Bigger knife
  • Collapsible saw
  • Poncho 3×3 meter with bungees
  • Waterproof bag
  • Maps of the area
  • Orientation and signaling materials
  • Plasticuffs
  • Water purifying kit
  • Notebook
  • Extra batteries
  • Rope
Main compartment of a survival bag
Main compartment
Inside front compartment survival bag
Front compartment

For my 3rd layer I am using a 5.11 RUSH 24 backpack, it is a very well constructed backpack and has a lot of different pockets to stash all your gear. It is the same backpack that I am using in the Special Edition of Arminius Workout 49

Too much for your liking? It is a personal choice, what you take with you. I just want to be prepared, don’t you? One very important point of course is, that you can’t just buy this stuff and think you are ready, you actually need to be trained in using it and keep training with it to know how to use it.. If you did not receive training, don’t use it, get training first.

A kid applying a tourniquet on himself
My son training to apply the CAT to himself
What now?

Why don’t you start by analyzing what would be useful for you, in your environment? Make sure you have the basic stuff with you and get training or even better, get some of your old buddies together and do some good old-fashion cross-training. Teach your wife, your children how to use it. Have a fixed spot in your house, car and work place where you keep your 2nd and 3rd layer. Make it your routine to take it with you everyday. Strange looks from family and friends? Well, it is also to safe their lives in case of emergency, remember?

When the dust settles after that freak accident, or vicious terrorist attack, and you were there to save lives, to crush and cuff some bad guys along the way, lets see what they say then..

Need help finding the right stuff?

Yes, on the internet you will find scores of businesses trying to sell you the latest ‘development’ in tourniquets and what not. But to get real stuff, the stuff that Tier 1 guys use, that’s what you are looking for. We get all our stuff from Special Medics this company is owned and operated by a former SF-medic who knows what he is selling. Before buying some fake stuff, check them out.

Company logo of Special Medics
The best in tactical medicine, Special Medics

How are you going to prepare?

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