My Tribe

Last weekend we had a get-together with some of my closest friends, My Tribe. It was the second time we had a weekend like this, and it is one of the reasons I started Arminius in the first place. I, like many others had lost contact with most of my old team and unit guys, and I had the feeling something was missing.

When I left the Army, I was soon caught up in other things, that kept me busy. So at first you might not really notice anything, but after a few years and a lot of talks with Robin, we came to the conclusion we had to do something.

We were constantly looking for the next challenge, from competing in Romaniacs, kickboxing, brazilian Jiu Jitsu to doing Spartan races, somehow it was not satisfying our needs and as soon as a challenge was completed, we moved on to the next one, every time thinking we found our new purpose in life…


A big challenge, and a great adventure: Romaniacs Hard Enduro


What started out as an idea to get some guys together and do some fun stuff, turned out to have a huge impact on the guys, me and Arminius. We wanted to do something else, not just the BBQ-get drunk and tell crazy stories. Don’t get me wrong, I love those too, but we already had many of those.. so, what can you do with your Tribe and what was that big impact?

We focus around:

  • Brotherhood
  • Sharing your story
  • Networking
  • Insights
  • Skills
  • Fun


Number 1, of course is the Brotherhood we have, it is difficult to share with others who have not been in that situation.


Sharing your Story

What have you been doing all those years? What are the issues you might have encountered? How old are your kids? Why you don’t sleep at night.. It is an important part, when you are with your Tribe, to share your thoughts. This is the ideal moment to do so, because you are in the company of good Men.


Your network is very strong, you will be amazed what your former team mates have been up to, and what they might be able to do for your, or you for them.


Ask some of the guys to make a presentation on their current job, business or problems they are encountering. You have a room full of guys, that are willing to think outside the box, you might just solve that problem.


Never stop learning, we are the first responders.. use those skills you once learned and keep them up to date. It could be solving a problem in small groups, and presenting your solution to each other. Arjen from Special Medics did a presentation on the use of tourniquets and quick-clot. After that we practiced applying tourniquets on each other for time and the correct use of quick-clot.


This time we had guns, crossbows, quads, BBQ, fire and a airsoft match against civilians 🙂



So, do you need any more convincing, on why you should get your old Team together? You will love it, your buddies will love it. You will be able to help and support each other. And for sure new opportunities will arise!


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